The Ins and Outs of Stud Poker


Play Stud Poker

Stud poker is one of the many variations of poker you will have available to you when you join an online poker site. You will notice the larger and reputable sites offer you a great choice of games with clear instructions on how-to-play the game along with the rules, hints and advice.

Learning stud poker takes some time and requires skill to win. This was the most favoured game until Texas Holdem took over, due to the fact it was easy to learn and master. But for a bit of excitement and thrills and the achievement of learning and playing a harder poker game, stud poker is the way to go.

Master the Skill of the Game and Devise a Strategy

The game does require skill, so once you’ve learned the rules and read and understood the how to play instructions; choosing a table with beginner players will give you an opportunity to master those skills and devise a strategy that works for you.

With any stud game you must have a clear strategy in place, know what winning hands consist of and understand how to play. This is a fast paced and exciting game which offers face up cards to help you determine your opponents’ hands. These are not community cards like the Holdem games; they are yours and yours alone. This will have an impact on the betting and raises that take place during the game.

When you start playing stud poker you will soon realise that this game is action packed. You will be glued to the computer screen as you watch which cards are dealt to your opponents, with a sense of excitement when you are dealt a higher card.

Use Your Hole Cards to Your Advantage

The great thing about this game is that there are normally eight players at a table, so there is always someone to meet and a new person to gather information about. Remember that predictability is your number one enemy. You do get two hole cards which the other players cannot see and it’s important to use these cards to your own advantage in the game.

Another important factor when playing the game is when you play. Playing stud poker when you’re tired and not in the mood isn’t the right time. This should be a game you play for the enjoyment and fun factor, it should be the game you choose to wind down with after a long day or when you are sitting at home with nothing to do.

The advantage is that stud is often played as a limit game, which means there are specified bid and raise amounts in place. So, you won’t have someone betting wildly and putting you off your game or have you questioning your game plan and strategy.